Mary Knowlton: Unlucky Lady

Gary Knowlton is the husband of dead Mary Knowlton. He is the unfortunate man who sadly reports about the horrifying incident which took his wife’s life in front of him. Gary reports to the news channel CBS about the incident which took place on Tuesday morning.

Gary is a 77-year-old man who was living happily with his wife for almost 55 years of their marriage. They were a loving couple who always lived happily in the company of each other through their whole life. The old couple was living in Florida when the horrible incident happened.

Gary was the eyewitness of his wife’s death. He describes all incident that one morning the police department was doing a demonstration in Punta Gorda. They all were practicing firing from their guns to improve their skills. This was the sad day for that old man who saw with his own eyes the whole scene of his beloved wife’s death. When the police department was practicing firing, a cop named Lee Coel shot two fires straight on Mary Knowlton (Gary Knowlton’s wife). Lee coal was is a 22-year-old cop who fired two shots on Mary’s body. Although he fired by mistake this incident took the life of that old lady and ended up the beautiful relation of husband and wife.

The eyewitnesses of the scene first thought that it is a theatre but soon they realized that it was real when they all saw the blood coming from the body of the old lady. The whole incident was just a mistake and Gary also reported to the CBS that the cop did not shot his wife deliberately and it was not an ill intent. Gary told the news channel that it was not a criminal act and his wife has gone in an unfortunate incident.

He expressed his feeling that he was ten feet away from his wife when she got two bullets inside her body. He told that he does not imagine a life without her lady but it is a part of life and we should accept it. He had learned to live his life alone but he misses her wife so much. He does not believe that she has gone but he is living his life alone. The loving couple met in high school and they married. The marriage was for 55 years. The old man does not blame the police officer and takes the whole incident as a mistake.

The police officer who fired the lady by a mistake has reportedly forced to leave the police department in 2013. The CBS also played the video which was the police officer, he was dragging a man out of the car in that video. The channel reported much news against the police officer before and an officer said that Lee Coel should not be a police officer and he should be out from the police department but this incident was a total mistake and was not done by intentions.

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